Sendex Corporation produces a variety of printed circuit board assemblies using advanced technologies including surface mount, through-hole, ball grid array, chip scale packaging and mixed technologies. Our experienced and well-trained team designs, assembles and tests your printed circuit board assemblies and miniaturized hybrid circuits using state-of-the-art tools and advanced placement techniques.

High reliability soldering and assembly
Surface mount, through-hole, mixed technology
Fine pitch SMT
Multi-chip modules
Automatic placement technique
Conformal and parylene coating

By using highly adaptable work cells, Sendex Corporation can respond rapidly to your needs and seamlessly integrate design or production modifications. This flexible approach allows us to adapt our manufacturing processes to accommodate prototype to full-volume production, short or long runs.

Sendex Corporation is proud of its production team -- trained and certified to the highest industry standards for soldering and workmanship.

Our expertise is equally valued by technology based companies looking to boost efficiency and improve profitability, and small companies with limited in-house design or manufacturing resources. All of our solutions are customized to meet your needs.